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      Cars with Mercedes three pointed star directly from Mercedes-Benz Classic.

      Cars with Mercedes three pointed star directly from Mercedes-Benz Classic.

      We stock a range of classic Mercedes-Benz models, from the legendary 300 SL gull-wing model and the tail fin to the S-Class W 116 and the W 124. ALL TIME STARS makes your dreams come true.

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      Dream cars, whatever your predilection.
      As our range of classics and young classics is as diverse as your needs, we have split our vehicles into three categories.

      Concours Edition

      A model in the Concours Edition is either lavishly restored or has an extremely low mileage: vehicles in absolute top condition with the appearance of a near-new former employee car or new car. A classic of this kind enriches every collection and is a highlight for special occasions.

      Collectors Edition

      A vehicle in the Collectors Edition is in an exceptionally good original condition or has been restored some time ago. These young classics or vintage cars captivate with their perfect care condition and technical features that have been subjected to little stress. This makes a vehicle in the Collectors Edition not only a collector’s item, but also a fantastic companion for every trip.

      Drivers Edition

      A classic in the Drivers Edition is in above-average overall condition. These vehicles have a relatively low mileage, so that the bodywork and paintwork are as neat as the vehicle’s technical features. The sum of its characteristics makes this car a reliable companion on all occasions.

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